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Contemporary Fiction

Action / Adventure
Bertagna, J - Exodus
Child, L - Jack Reacher series
Dalgleish, D - Dance of Cloaks series
Fleming, I - The Spy Who Loved Me
Hayes, T - I am Pilgrim
Hill, W - Departmet 19 series
McNab, A - Boy Solder series
Reichs, K - Temperance Brennan series
Ryan, A - Blood Song  series
Ryan, C - Blackout / The Increment
Whyman, M - Inside the Cage
Real Life / Relationships
Achebe, C - Education of a British-protected Child
Adichie, CN
- Purple Hibiscus
Ammaniti, N - I'm Not Scared
Cleave, C - The Other Hand
Faulks, S - A Week in December + others
Forman, G - If I Stay / Just One Day series
Gaarder, J
- Sophie's World + others
Gruen, S - Water for Elephants
Mortenson, G - Three Cups of Tea
Moyes, J - Me Before You / After You
Niffenegger, A - Her Fearful Symmetry
Ogawa, Y - Housekeeper and the Professor
Peet, M - Life on Exploded Diagrams
Rossoff, M - There is No Dog
Welsh, I - Trainspotting
Aaronovich, B - Rivers of London series
Brown, D
- Da Vinci Code + others
Galbraith, R - Cuckoo's Calling
Grisham, J - Street Lawyer / Partner + others
Highsmith, P - Talented Mr Rilpey
James, PD - Inspector Dalgliesh series
Le Carre, J - Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy + others
Leon, D - Brunetti series
Smith, Z - White Teeth
Suskind, P - Perfume
Zafon, CR - Shadow of the Wind / Angel Game
Asimov, I - I, Robot / Foundation series
Card,OS - Ender's Game / Ender's Shadow series
Dick, PK - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep + others
Heinlein, R - Moon is a Harsh Mistress
King, S
- The Shining + others
Le Guin, U - Dispossessed
Martin, GRR - Ice and Fire series
Niven, L - Ringworld
O'Neill, L- Only Ever Yours
Pratchett, T - Colour of Magic + others
Snyder, M - Chronicles of Ixia
Chang, C - Wild Swans
Clavell, J - Shogun series
De Bernieres, L - Captain Corelli's Mandolin
Eng, TT - Gift of Rain + others
Flanagan, R - Narrow Road to the Deep North
Golden, A - Memoirs of a Geisha
Goodwin, D - Last Duchess / Fortune Hunter
Gregory, P
- White Queen, Red Queen + others
Harris, R - Pompeii + others
Hosseini, K - Kite Runner / Thousand Splendid Suns
McCourt, F - Angela's Ashes
Adams, D - Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Backman, F - A Man Called Ove
Moriarty, J - Finding Cassie Crazy + others
Simsion, G - Rosie Project / Rosie Effect
Van de Ruit, J - Spud series

Oldies but Goodies & Non Fiction

Action / Adventure
Adams, R - Watership Down
Defoe, D - Robinson Crusoe
Huxley, A - Brave New World
Stevenson, RL - Treasure Island
Real Life / Relationships
Austen, J - Pride and Prejudice + others
Bronte, C - Jane Eyre
Bronte, E - Wuthering Heights
Dickens, C - Great Expectations / Nicholas Nickleby
Du Maurier, D - Jamaica Inn
Eliot, G - Mill on the Floss
Hardy, T - Tess / Mayor of Casterbridge
Hartley, LP - The Go-Between
Hemingway, E - Old Man and the Sea
James, H - Portrait fo a Lady
Lawrence, DH - Sons & Lovers
Lee, H - To Kill a Mockingbird
Orwell, G - 1984
Rees, J - Wide Sargasso Sea
Salinger, D - Catcher in the Rye
Steinbeck, J - Of Mice and Men / The Pearl
Thackeray, W - Vanity Fair
Tolstoy, L - Anna Karenina
Buchan, J - 39 Steps
Christie, A - Any book
Collins, W - Woman in White
Conan Doyle, A - Sherlock Holmes books
Dumas, A - Count of Monte Cristo
Leroux, G - Mystery of the Yellow Roon
Poe, EA - Fall of the House of Usher
Wilde, O - Picture of Dorian Gray
Le Guin, U - Left Hand of Darkness
Peake, M - Titus Groan series / Mr Pie
Shelley, M - Frankenstein
Stoker, B - Dracula
Stevenson, RL - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Tolkien, JRR - The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings
Verne, J - 20,000 Leagues under the Sea / Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Wells, O - War of the Worlds / Time Machine
Wyndham, J - Day of the Triffids / The Chrysalids
Anderson, LH - Fever 1793
Ballard, J
- Empire of the Sun
Frank, A - Diary of a Young Girl
Vonnegut, K - Slaughterhouse 5
Gibbons, S - Cold
Heller, J - Catch 22
Jerome, JK - Three Men in a Boat
Wilde, O - Importance of Being Earnest
Wodehouse, PG - Jeeves Books


Non Fiction - general interest
Bellos, A - Alex Through the Looking Glass
Chang, HJ - 23 Things they don't Tell You about Capitalism
Gladwell, M - Tipping Point
Kahneman, D - Thinking Fast & Slow
MacDonald, H
- H is for Hawk
Miodownik, M - Stuff Matters
Morgan, N - Teenage Guide to Stress
Mukherjee, S - Laws of Medicine
Petrannek, S - How We'll Live on Mars
Pollan, M - Invention by Design
Potroski, H - Omnivore's Dilemma
Skloot, R - Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Thaler, RH - Nudge
Wax, R - Sane New World

Updated May 2016

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In December our Pre-Prep staff ran the Santa race at Richmond Park and raised £1,750 in aid of the Princess Alice Hospice. Our 14s and 15s pupils also thought about how they could make it a warmer winter for others, as they bought and wrapped presents for women and children at Sutton Women’s Centre.  Read more...


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Harrodian’s third annual Film Festival showcased films that were created, produced and directed entirely by pupils in the 13s and above. A total of ten films were shortlisted and shown on a cinema screen in the Theatre in front of an expert judging panel. Read More...