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Mathematics is a central part of the School's curriculum within the Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior sections, and pupils are encouraged to develop numeracy and problem-solving skills from an early age. All pupils sit Mathematics IGCSE. The Free Standing Mathematics Qualification (FSMQ) is also offered to the highest attaining pupils in Year 11. A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are offered in the Sixth Form.

Mathematics is all around us. It provides a useful model for our world, from day-to-day tasks such as budgeting to more advanced areas of economics, science and engineering. It provides a language in which to express complicated ideas succinctly and creates a structure for problem solving. For this reason, Mathematics has a central position as a compulsory subject to age 16.

There is also a beauty in the logic of mathematics. Through investigations and other challenging problems we aim to give students a sense of the aesthetic pleasure of seeing patterns and exploring new ideas. Students value the stimulation of a challenging task. In the words of an 11 year old student: "it (mathematics) makes your brain move".

In the prep school, we follow the National Curriculum, augmenting it with national maths challenges and the occasional visit to the theatre! Most recently, our 10 year olds enjoyed 'Johnny Spacehopper and His Vital Statistics' at the Secombe Theatre.

Our senior school pupils follow the IGCSE syllabus which we consider to be more rigorous, and to provide a better preparation for further study, than the standard GCSE. Our pass rate at A* - C is excellent.

A recent development at the school is the introduction of the Additional Mathematics course for the more able candidates. This runs alongside their IGCSE. This is an extremely demanding course, but is excellent preparation for any pupil who is considering studying either Mathematics or Further Mathematics at A level.

Mathematics is a thriving subject in the Sixth Form at The Harrodian. With an ever-increasing number of students opting to take Maths in the Sixth Form, we offer A-Levels in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics. The Department prides itself on its academic achievements and each year we have students pursuing Mathematics to degree level at University.

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In December our Pre-Prep staff ran the Santa race at Richmond Park and raised £1,750 in aid of the Princess Alice Hospice. Our 14s and 15s pupils also thought about how they could make it a warmer winter for others, as they bought and wrapped presents for women and children at Sutton Women’s Centre.  Read more...


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Harrodian’s third annual Film Festival showcased films that were created, produced and directed entirely by pupils in the 13s and above. A total of ten films were shortlisted and shown on a cinema screen in the Theatre in front of an expert judging panel. Read More...