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"Who is saying what, to whom, on whose behalf, through which channel and to what effect?"

American political scientist and communications theorist

Media Studies is now rightly being seen as a vital tool for understanding the media-saturated modern world. There are good practical reasons for studying the media too. The 'creative' industries – film, TV, print, advertising, music etc – together comprise certainly the most vibrant, and possibly the biggest sector in the British economy. Quite simply, it’s where the jobs are.
Studying the media will give you the skills to analyse media texts, understand how texts are produced, find out who owns media companies and observe how technologies are changing the way we consume the media. You will reflect on how the media has changed over time, and how our ideas and beliefs can be shaped by media images and messages. Coursework will allow you to become a media producer in your own right.

Senior school curriculum
Students first encounter Media as a discrete subject in Year 13 and subsequently are offered the option of GCSE in Years 14 and 15. During these studies the base layers of textual analysis are established. Key concepts and primary theories are introduced as students build a vocabulary of media specific terminology. Additionally students begin to develop production skills and are tasked to invent creative solutions to meet a range of specific production briefs across a variety of media platforms, eg print, audio, video and Emedia

Advanced level
Students will continue to develop textual analysis skills and will deepen and strengthen their understanding of the processes of representation and constructed ideologies via study of specific case studies. Practical production work continues to feature and the expected quality threshold is significantly greater than at GCSE; students need to adopt at least one media technology in which they will strive to develop some expertise. There is an increased emphasis on developing as reflective practitioners and the examinations formally assess this ability as well as topic specific content. This year students are analysing TV drama and the film industry as set topics for examination at AS and Critical Perspectives (contemporary issues and debates surrounding media production in an online global era) for A2.

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In December our Pre-Prep staff ran the Santa race at Richmond Park and raised £1,750 in aid of the Princess Alice Hospice. Our 14s and 15s pupils also thought about how they could make it a warmer winter for others, as they bought and wrapped presents for women and children at Sutton Women’s Centre.  Read more...


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Harrodian’s third annual Film Festival showcased films that were created, produced and directed entirely by pupils in the 13s and above. A total of ten films were shortlisted and shown on a cinema screen in the Theatre in front of an expert judging panel. Read More...