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For us and for a huge number of enthusiasts around the world, sport is a daily inspiration and challenge. GCSE and A-level will help students acquire a wealth of knowledge about their own body and how it stands up to the stresses and strains of modern sport. The students begin with basic principles, and then progress to a more in-depth analysis of sport. They will focus on physiological, psychological and sociological aspects to help improve their own performance and that of others.

We start our programme of study in the 13s (year 9). This takes the role of a foundation course in preparation for the GCSE. Topics include: basic anatomy, methods of physical training, testing and sociological aspects of sport. This culminates in the students designing their own training programmes and performing a triathlon at the end of the year.

The GCSE course develops students' existing practical skills and allows them to gain new ones with a wide range of activities undertaken. On the theory side of the course students cover:  Health; fitness factors affecting performance; testing and training methods; and look at the social and cultural factors affecting participation. They then apply all of this knowledge to practical activities. The course is 60% practical and 40% theory.

Advanced Level

Theory 60% Practical 40%
Subject Content

  • The physiological effects of adopting a healthy lifestyle.
  • The short term effects of exercise on performance and the long term effects of training.
  • Analysis of movement across a range of sporting actions.
  • Acquisition of skills and the impact of psychological factors on performance.
  • Opportunities for physical activity, benefits to the individual and society and the potential barriers faced by minority groups.

Theory 60 % Practical 40 %
Subject Content

  • Energy sources and systems of the body.
  • Elite preparation and training.
  • Specialised training and sports injuries.
  • The use of psychological theories and techniques to optimise performance.
  • Concepts and characteristics of World Games and their impact of sports technology on performers, equipment and facilities.
  • The development of sport from rational recreation to its modern day format.
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In December our Pre-Prep staff ran the Santa race at Richmond Park and raised £1,750 in aid of the Princess Alice Hospice. Our 14s and 15s pupils also thought about how they could make it a warmer winter for others, as they bought and wrapped presents for women and children at Sutton Women’s Centre.  Read more...


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Harrodian’s third annual Film Festival showcased films that were created, produced and directed entirely by pupils in the 13s and above. A total of ten films were shortlisted and shown on a cinema screen in the Theatre in front of an expert judging panel. Read More...