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11+ 2018 Open Morning

  • For 11+ 2018 Open Morning enquiries please call the Admissions Office on 0208 762 6321


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Harrodian Staff List:


Sir Alford Houstoun-Boswall, Bart

Educational ConsultantMr John Gough

Mr James Hooke

Deputy Headmistress/Director of Studies

Mrs Heather Locke

Principal of Senior School

Dr Andrew Parmley

Head of Senior School/Head of Careers

Captain Rob Stewart

Head of Sixth Form

Mr David Behan

Operations Director

Mr Hubert Ferte

Deputy Head of Seniors

Mr Andrew Woodward

Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Ms Alison Heller

Head of Upper Prep (Academic)

Mr Ben Roets

Head of Upper Prep (Pastoral)

Rev Peter Hardie

Head of Lower Prep

Mrs Jenny O'Neill

Head of Pre-Prep

Ms Lucy Horan

Head of 15s (Yr 11)

Ms Martha Kinsella

Head of 14s (Yr 10)

Mrs Antonia Cooper

Mrs Fiona Fairhurst - maternity leave

Head of 13s (Yr 9)

Mlle Odile Duquesnoy

Head of 12s (Yr 8)Rev Peter Hardie

Head of 11s (Yr 7)

Mr Ben Roets

Head of 10s (Yr 6)

Ms Clair Foster

Head of 9s (Yr 5)

Ms Shara Dillon

Head of 8s (Yr 4)

Mrs Ruth Hitchcock

Accounts Manager

Mr Fidel Kassam

IT/Network Manager

Mr Kris Kreis

House Manager

Mrs Amber Moore


Mrs Jo Rattigan

Head of Admin & Headmaster’s Secretary

Ms Bronwen Lewis


Mrs Gene O'Sullivan

Examinations Officer

Mrs Anna Brown

School Nurse

Mrs Helen Delves


Departmental Staff

| Art | Business Studies | Citizenship | Classics | Drama | Economics | English | Expressive ArtsGeography | Government and Politics | Graphic Design | History | History of Art | HumanitiesICT | Learning Support | Library | Mathematics | Media Studies | Modern Languages | Music | Photography | Physical Education and Games | Psychology | Prefect MentorReligious Studies | Science | Pre-Prep Staff - Classroom Teachers and Assistants | 3 Dimensional Design

| Accounts | Admin | Admissions | Estate ManagerExaminations Officer | House Management | IT | Nurses | Personnel | Reception | Residential Grounds Manager and CaretakerSchool Counsellor | SecurityStudent Data Management |


Ms Laura Caldecott

(Head of Art)

Mr David
Ms Jacqueline Howe

Ms Irina
Business Studies

Mrs Rhona Drummond-Chew

(Head of Business Studies)

Mr Guy Holder
Captain Rob
Mrs Genevieve Seaton 

(Head of Classics)

Mr Gottfried Mader 

Mr Adam
Mr Ed
Mr Michael Glen

(Head of Drama)

Ms Hannah - on maternity leave
Mrs Kate
Ms Melanie
Mr Edward Marsh

(Head of Economics)

Mr David Behan

(Head of Sixth Form) 

Mr Guy Holder
Ms Lucy Thomas

(Head of English)

Ms Lauren - on maternity leave
Ms Kathryn
Ms Alison
Mrs Catherine
Mr Digby
Mr Mark
Mr Michael
Ms Fiona
Mrs Carolyn
Ms Rosie Evans 

Ms Vanessa Sewell
Mrs Loren
Mrs Carolyn
Mrs Jenny O'
Ms Annabelle
Mrs Ruth
Dr Rachel Thompson 

(UCAS Co-ordinator)

Mr Thomas 
Ms Sophia
Mrs Sarah 
Expressive Arts
Ms Melanie
Ms Kerry Shaw - on maternity leave

(Head of Geography)

Ms Ceri - on maternity leave
Mrs Heather
Mrs Antonia 
Ms Annabelle
Ms Elizabeth - maternity cover
Mrs Amy - maternity cover
Government and Politics
Mrs Charlie Arnold - on maternity leave

(Head of Government and Politics)

Mr Andrew
Mr Andrew
Mr Peter
Mr Philip - maternity cover
Graphic Design
Mr Jake Murray

(Head of Graphic Design)

Mr Fraser Carr Miles

(Photography and Design Technician)

Ms Roz Edenbrow

Mr Andrew Nowell

(Head of History)

Mr Adam
Mr Andrew
Mrs Charlie - on maternity leave
Mr Rohit
Mr Peter
Ms Annabelle
Ms Kathryn
Mr Philip - maternity cover
History of Art
Ms Amelia Simonow

Mrs Jenny O'
Ms Kathryn
Mr James Gledhill

(Head of ICT)

Mr David
Mr Toby
Learning Support
Mrs Sarah Codacci 

(Head of Learning Support and Senior & Prep School SENCo)

Ms Johanna Ainsworth 

Ms Natasha Doulton

Mrs Lee
Mrs Erica 
Mrs Charlotte
Mr Nick
Mrs Chris
Mrs Johanna
Mrs Ruth Andrews

(Pre-Prep and 8s SENCo)

Ms Geraldine
Mrs Brenda Powell 

Junior Library

Mrs Celia Guthrie

Junior Library

Mrs Carina Makris 

Senior Library

Ms Hilary Cummings 

Senior Library 

Mr Anthony Lee

(Head of Mathematics)

Mr Mark
Mrs Loren
Mr Vincent
Ms Layla
Mrs Rosanna
Mrs Poonam
Ms Melissa
Mrs Catherine
Mr Kash
Mrs Ruth
Ms Hannah
Ms Sarah
Ms Geeta
Mr Adam
Media Studies
Mr Samuel Cullis

(Head of Media Studies)

Mr Thomas 
Ms Laura
Mrs Charlotte 
Modern Languages
Mlle Sandrine Montet

(Head of Languages)

Mlle Beatrice
Mlle Sophie Boimare

(on maternity leave)

Ms Maria Diaz
Mr Michele
Mme Corinne
Mlle Cecilia
Mme Any
Miss Odile Duquesnoy

Mme Theodora
Ms Teresa
Mme Christiane
Mrs Paloma
Ms Gabriella
Ms Rocio Gonzalez 
Mrs Hannah Ashe 

(Head of Music)

Mrs Manon
Ms Mairi
Mrs Kerry
Ms Melanie
Mr Toby (maternity cover)
Mr Daniel

(Music Technician)

Mr Jake Murray

(Head of Photography)

Mr Fraser Carr Miles

(Photography and Graphic Design Technician)

Physical Education and Games - If you have a query about a particular sport, please email the Teacher in Charge or Head of relevant section. 
Mr Ben Proudfoot 

(Head of Sport)

Ms Philippa Mitchell

Ms Melanie Edwards 

(Teacher in Charge of Dance)

Ms Shara
Mr Luke
Ms Rebecca Dorse 

(Head of Pre-Prep Sport/Teacher in Charge of Athletics)

Ms Bryn
Mr Alastair Lydon

(Teacher in Charge of Harrodian Sports Website and Communications and 1st XV Ruby)

Ms Clair Foster 

(Head of Prep Sport/Teacher in Charge of Netball and Rounders)

Mr Tim Seaton 

(Head of Senior Sport/Teacher in Charge of Rugby and Tennis)

Mr David Swindlehurst

(Teacher in Charge of Football)

Mr Arash
Mr Ian Butcher

(Teacher in Charge of Cricket)

Ms Martha Kinsella

(Teacher in Charge of Hockey)

Ms Shara Dillon 

Mr Edward Fenn-Smith

Prefect Mentor
Mrs Carina Makris 

(Mentor Assistant)

Ms Susan Mapstone

(Head of Psychology)

Mrs Rhona
Religious Studies
Mrs Kate Mezger

(Head of Religious Studies)

Rev Peter
Mr Sam
Ms Kathryn
Mrs Mary Sanders

Ms Taryn Oldacre

(Head of Science)

Mr Luke
Mrs Loren
Mr Mohammed Islam 

(Lab Technician)

Mr Matthew
Mr Toby
Mr Andrew
Mr Ben
Mr Bryn
Ms Johanna
Ms Celia Lima - on maternity leave

(Lab Technician)

Mr Andrew Hough - maternity cover

(Lab Technician)

Mr Quentin
Mr Stathis
Pre-Prep Staff - Classroom Teachers and Assistants
Ms Lucy Horan

(Head of Pre-Prep)

Ms Judith
Mrs Catherine
Ms Lucy
Ms Nicole
Mrs Nicola
Mrs Madeleine
Mrs Kirsty 
Mrs Hattie 
Mrs Amanda
Ms Nurla Medina 

(Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Rae
Mrs Jo O'
Ms Lily
Mrs Rosemary
Mrs Sheena
Ms Diane Whitmore 

(Teaching Assistant) 

Ms Catherine
Ms Tanya 
3 Dimensional Design
Mr Jake Murray

(Head of 3D Design)

Mr Fraser Carr Miles

(Photography and Graphic Design Technician)

Mr Fidel
Mrs Rashida
Ms Bronwen /
Ms Clair
Mrs Chloe Warren
Mrs Tina Whitehill

(Admin Assistant)

Mrs Amber
Mrs Caroline

Mrs Amanda Fisher

(Trips Coordinator)

Ms Sarah Lees

(PA to Head of Senior School)

Mrs Jo Rattigan /


Mrs Ka Ching Nottidge /

Mrs Sarah /
Mr Kash Ashraff 

(Senior Admissions Tutor)

Mrs Julia Weld Forester 

(Prep School Assistant/Admissions Guide)

Estate Manager
Mr Dave
Editorial Director
Mr David
Examinations Officer
Mrs Anna
House Management
Mrs Karina Boer
Mr Kris
Mr Rajiv
Mr Damian
Mrs Helen /
Mrs Gene O'Sullivan

Ms Rachelle
Residential Grounds Manager/Caretaker
Mr Justin

School Counsellor

Mrs Adele Monsef

(The School has a counsellor who offers a confidential service to pupils on Tuesdays. Appointments are made via email.)

Mr Moises de
Student Data Management
Mr Tom
Ms Hayley
Screen Shot 2017 01 30 at 06.58.53

In December our Pre-Prep staff ran the Santa race at Richmond Park and raised £1,750 in aid of the Princess Alice Hospice. Our 14s and 15s pupils also thought about how they could make it a warmer winter for others, as they bought and wrapped presents for women and children at Sutton Women’s Centre.  Read more...


Screen Shot 2017 01 30 at 06.56.54

Harrodian’s third annual Film Festival showcased films that were created, produced and directed entirely by pupils in the 13s and above. A total of ten films were shortlisted and shown on a cinema screen in the Theatre in front of an expert judging panel. Read More...