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Every year Mr Rossetti, Head of the Prep School, organises a trip to Italy for the 11s. To continue this annual tradition, 45 pupils were taken during the Easter holidays to visit Rome, Naples and Sorrento.

The trip complements the Classics syllabus by focussing on antiquity, mythology and geography, but it also offers other pupils, who do not study Classics, a general cultural tour. The trip was based mainly in Sorrento, from where the Harrodians could soak up the ambiance of the Amalfi Coast and enjoy spectacular views of the Bay of Naples.

The weather was warm and sunny for all six days of the trip, which made sightseeing on foot even more enjoyable. In Rome the group visited the Pantheon and marvelled at its antiquity. At 2000 years old it is one of the best preserved Roman buildings.

The 11s walked up the Spanish Steps from Piazza di Spagna, climbed over 500 steps to the top of the dome at St Peter’s Basilica and visited the famous Colosseum. They also made frequent stops for ice cream, enjoying some 50 flavours to choose from! The group visited Pompeii and saw the extent to which volcanic lava from the eruption of AD 79 has preserved the Roman art, customs, trade and everyday life of this lost city.

They climbed Mount Vesuvius to see the source of the notorious eruption that is the subject of so much Roman and later literature. Pupils and staff also had the opportunity to walk around the crater of the dormant volcano Solfartara at Pozzuoli, near Naples. The potent smell of sulphur in the crater, the thick smoke and deep mud pools all added to a memorable experience.

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In December our Pre-Prep staff ran the Santa race at Richmond Park and raised £1,750 in aid of the Princess Alice Hospice. Our 14s and 15s pupils also thought about how they could make it a warmer winter for others, as they bought and wrapped presents for women and children at Sutton Women’s Centre.  Read more...


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Harrodian’s third annual Film Festival showcased films that were created, produced and directed entirely by pupils in the 13s and above. A total of ten films were shortlisted and shown on a cinema screen in the Theatre in front of an expert judging panel. Read More...